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9. Cooper's Arms

Cooper's Arms today

The building which became the Cooper's Arms was originally the workshop for the Cooper who made wheels for the carts of the local farmers.

In 1863, William Griffiths, then living at Bwlchtrap Farm bought both that property and also the Cooper's Arms at an estate sale.

He had obviously fallen on his feet as in 1841 he had been an agricultural labourer. It is thought that he had inherited some money and in the 1860s, he and his wife Mary retired from farming to run the 'Troedyrhiw Arms' as the pub was re-named.

The little pub, once a focal point at the busy crossroads failed to make it past the 1930s. When Rachel Rees, the final landlady passed away in 1932, the pub closed and the building became a private residence.


Take the tour extension up the hill to Ystum Gwili

With the Cooper's Arms in front of you across the junction, turn left up the hill away from the direction of the village and continue walking for approximately 400 yards until you reach a house on the left called Gwarcwm. Just past this house in the wooded ravine is the best place to view the next point of interest, The Holy Pools.>>



Continue on the road to Pantycelyn shop.

Turn right at the crossroads and continue along the road for approximately 400 yards. You will pass a turn off to the right and the next point of interest is just after this on the right.>>


Map showing points of interest on the tour


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