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8. Gwili Mill

Gwili Mills today

Operating from around 1875 until its closure in 1968, Gwili Mill was the longest running woollen mill in Llanpumsaint. Using the fast flowing river Gwili as its source of power, the mill produced goods for markets, fairs, industrial outlets and wholesalers.

As late as 1947, Gorseinon based TW Jones and Sons employed no less than 12 people here, making flannel, cartheni and tweed.

In the 1920s when there was a great slump in demand for the woollen products that the mill produced, it survived unlike many of its competitors because of the foresight of its then owners, James and James Owen who spent money updating the machinery to make the mill more competitive.

When it finally closed in 1968, the rhythmic sounds of the machines and distinctive smells which wafted over the schoolyard were gone forever.

Gwili Mills before renovation

Turn around and walk back to the road junction. Take the road on your left so that you pass the church on your right hand side and walk for a quarter of a mile or so until you reach the T-junction. The next point of interest, The Cooper's Arms is directly ahead across the junction. >>


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