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2. Penybont Fach - site of the birthplace of writer 'Brutus'

Portrait of Brutus

David Owen (Brutus) 1794-1866

Just past the three arched bridge over the river Gwili lies the site of the house which was the birthplace in 1794 of David Owen (Brutus).

His father was a bootmaker and sexton of the parish church where young David was christened on Christmas Day 1795. He attended school held in the same church.

During his apprenticeship to become a doctor in Aberduar near Llanybydder, he became attracted to the Baptist cause (to which his mother, Rachel had belonged) and set his mind on becoming a non-conformist minister.

He settled in Llangian, Llyn in North Wales where he married and he seemed set for a conventional life until he inexplicably wrote to the Unitarian Church authorities in London, begging financial help and falsely claiming that his congregation was drawn towards Unitarian principles! His fraud was uncovered and he was sacked by the Baptists.

In 1824 he wrote a scathing letter to 'Seren Gomer' a popular periodical attacking the Welsh language under the pseudonym 'Brutus'. The name stuck!

He tried his hand at editing various magazines eventually finding success as the editor of 'Yr Haul', which became the strong voice of the established church.

He remained the editor of 'Yr Haul' until his death in 1866 launching many attacks on non-conformity and he produced many books and articles on divinity and religion, although he is chiefly remembered as a gifted satirist.

He is buried at Llywel in Breconshire.

View of the river from Penybont
The river opposite Penybont

With the bridge behind you, continue walking along the road past the row of cottages on your right until you reach the chapel which is the next point of interest. >>


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