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15. Caersalem

Caersalem chapel

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the congregational members of Ffynnonhenri Chapel outside the village decided that it would be prudent to have a venue nearer the centre of the village for Sunday School or lose the attendance of the village children to other, more conveniently located chapels.

So it was that in 1907, Caersalem was built and in the following decades went from strength to strength by offering the villagers a mixture of religious services, community singing and 'eisteddfodau'.

Benjamin Davies, the only local soldier to be killed in the First World War is buried in Caersalem graveyard.

Caersalem chapel

Continue walking along the road and stop just before the railway bridge. The entrance to Clwtte Cochion, the next point of interest is on the right. >>>


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