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14. Pantycelyn Shop and Butchers

Pantycelyn Today

David Evans a local butcher and grocer ran a successful business from Glannant on the outskirts of Llanpumsaint. Having grown prosperous he leapt at the chance to buy Pantycelyn, an imposing house in the centre of the village when it came on the market in 1890.

He paid £1250 for the property and it then became not only his home but the premises for his business too. He successfully ran a slaughterhouse, grocery shop and feed outlet from Pantycelyn for the next 50 years. Pigs and sheep were regularly herded down the road from the station yard to the slaughterhouse.

The shop became something of a social hub in the village and young people would congregate at night to play draughts or dominoes and be fed as the shop remained open until midnight.

David Evans' son (also called David) was one of the first people in the area to own a car and a lorry causing much amazement among the locals!


Continue walking along the road and you will see Caersalem chapel, the next point of interest on your right. >>>


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