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13. Bettws - The Forgotten Church

Aerial map showing the position of Bettws
Aerial map showing the position of Bettws Church

Bettws was a small church in the area of Ystum Gwili which has now disappeared in the mists of time.

It lay north of Bettws Farm straddling the lane leading down to it and taking in parts of two fields. A 1946 aerial photograph shows a definite mound shape close to where the present day farm sheds stand.

In around 1800, when Lampengaer field was being ploughed, a holy water stoup was found and taken to Llwyncroes Farm where it remained until it was rescued in the 1970s by the then vicar of Llanpumsaint Church, Byron Davies. The stoup, perfectly preserved and bearing four mouldings on the outside can now be seen in the lobby of Llanpumsaint Church.

Holy water stoup from Bettws
The holy water stoup from Bettws Church

Retrace your steps to the road junction opposite the Roman Way and turn left. After half a mile turn first right. Continue, passing the entrance to Pantyfedwen Farm (the birthplace in 1857 of Timothy Davies who became the Liberal MP for Fulham) until you reach a public footpath sign on the left. Follow the path through the fields until you emerge at the Cooper's Arms.

Once you have rejoined the main road turn left and continue along the road for approximately 400 yards. You will pass a turn off to the right and the next point of interest is just after this on the right.>>


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