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10. Holy Pools

The Holy Pools from above

Tucked away in the steep sided valley of the river Cerwyn are five pools. According to tradition, each of the pools was used for bathing by one of the five saints which give Llanpumsaint its name.

The water here was said to have healing powers and the pools were used by druids and early Christians for ceremonial purposes.

Even as late as the 17th Century people would flock to the pools on St Peter's Day, the 21st June for relief and healing. This earned the area the title of 'The Lourdes of Carmarthenshire'.

The area is now neglected and all-but-fogotten but for over a thousand years it was an important site of pilgrimage for the faithful.

One of the Holy Pools today

Carry on walking up the hill for half a mile or so and turn right at the sign for Nebo.

The old name for this junction was Cnwcy Waterfall - a popular evening meeting place for the youth of the village until the advent of easier means of transport in the second half of the 20th Century allowed them to venture further afield.

Continue walking for another half a mile until you reach Nebo chapel on your left. >>


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