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1. The Village Hall

Llanpumsaint and Ffynnonhenri Memorial Hall was built in 1928 on a site where there had previously been a wooden hut.

The money to build the hall came partly from a donation of £500 in the will of DR Evans, a local boy who made his fortune in the retail trade in London, and partly from a grand bazaar and carnival held in the Farmers' Co-op which raised £370 in one day - a huge amount for the 1920s.

Sand from the river Gwili and local stone from Cwmdwyfran were used in the construction and other materials including slate from Caernarfon and one and a half tons of steel girders were brought in by train.

The hall was officially opened by the widow of DR Evans and his portrait was hung in the hall.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s the hall came under the influence of Reverend Emlyn Lewis and his wife, Decima Morgan Lewis. They introduced drama and music events enriching the cultural life of the village, including eisteddfodau, some of which ran for 12 hours! The culmination of this surge of culture saw the Girls' Choir competing in the Llangollen International Eisteddfod.

Village Hall
Stone showing the construction date of the hall

With the Village Hall to your back, go left and walk past the village shop to the T-junction then turn right.

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